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10 Steps if Thinking of Franchising Your Business.Step 7:Franchise Legal Package

Franchise legal documents

Before franchising your business you will need appropriate legal documentation in place and at the ready.

A standard franchise package of legal documentation will typically include:

Confidentiality Agreement

You should not divulge details about your business (sales figures, returns, sample business projections etc) without such an agreement being in place.

Franchise Purchase Agreement

This deals with the sale of the franchise where a franchisee is for example, needing to secure premises and gives comfort to the franchisee that the franchise agreement will be signed once premises secured.

Franchise Agreement

This will be a non-negotiable document which will apply across your franchise network.


You may be keen to ensure you retain the benefit of key sites and take a premises lease which you sub let to a franchisee or you may prefer your franchisee to take the lease direct.  If you sub let you will need a  standard sub lease.

Development Agreement

Should you decide to grant multiple territories to a franchisee you will need a franchise development agreement detailing criteria which a franchisee must meet before expanding into a new territory.

Master Franchise Agreement

If you decide to have a master franchisee who would be granted a territory in which the master franchisee could itself grant franchises then you would need this type of agreement.

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