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Beware and be aware when using or buying marketing lists

Do you use 3rd party marketing lists? Watch out then for the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) who could stop you in your tracks or present you with a hefty fine if they don’t like what you are doing (see laterblogs for practical steps you can take to avoid this).

If your business uses third party marketing lists you could be stopped from sending unsolicited marketing texts to individuals whose details were obtained under data supplier agreements.

One business used personal data provided by several suppliers to send text messages to individuals, without their prior consent, marketing its laser eye surgery and as a result, the ICO received a whopping 7506 complaints from individuals.

A tribunal stopped that business sending such types of unsolicited e mails and it serves as a reminder that third party marketing lists must be treated with great caution and if your business buys or rents a list then you must make rigorous checks before relying on them. It also reinforces the need for businesses to inform individuals who their personal data will be shared with and for what purposes, and to obtain prior consent in relation to email and text marketing.

The ICO has also recently issued a record monetary penalty notice of £200,000 to a company for making automated marketing calls without the recipients’ prior consent. The company made or instigated over six million calls as part of a massive automated call marketing campaign offering “free” solar panels. In just over two months the ICO received 242 complaints from recipients. When assessing the level of the penalty, the ICO also took into account that the company did not identify themselves, nor provide an address or freephone contact number.

My next/forthcoming blogs set out  key data protection issues your business should consider when carrying out direct marketing. I will explain how customer information should be collected and how product information should be communicated to existing customers.

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