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Everyone is familiar with franchises we see in our towns such as McDonalds. Body Shop and Holiday Inn.  These are business method franchises (also known as Business format franchising) whereby a fran [read more]
Are you thinking of franchising but want to understand the legal implications before making your decision? If the answer is YES then download ‘The Franchise Pie’ NOW – an eBook built to spec [read more]
By franchising your business you will to some extent lose control but you can minimise this by ensuring you have packaged the business from the time of signing up a new franchisee and throughout the l [read more]
Recruiting Franchisees Once you have tried and tested your business formula and decided how the franchise will work (how territories will be allocated, level of franchise fees etc) then you need to [read more]
Step 8 Managing a Franchise Business Managing a franchise business will differ from managing and developing your existing business.   A franchise network will need an appropriate framework for [read more]
Franchise legal documents Before franchising your business you will need appropriate legal documentation in place and at the ready. A standard franchise package of legal documentation will typic [read more]