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How to run a Successful Franchisee

By franchising your business you will to some extent lose control but you can minimise this by ensuring you have packaged the business from the time of signing up a new franchisee and throughout the life of each franchise business.

To maintain the integrity of the brand and to enable your franchised business to flourish you must think of franchising as process driven in other words, it is a formulaic process.

A potential franchisee is buying into that formulaic process and you need to set out in clear, unambiguous detail how the franchisee should run the business from record keeping, ordering and presentation of the franchise business.

Regardless of whether the franchisee is already a successful business person or has entrepreneurial flair or whether the franchisee no business experience the same formula must be followed.

Whilst documenting processes is vital training is also crucial.  Quality, imaginative, invigorating and supportive training on an ongoing basis is crucial to keep franchisees in line with the ethos of the business, enthused, and feeling part of a growing well run network.

Of course, you will be looking for franchisees able to bring energy to their franchise, motivate their staff and give clear leadership but they must do that using the franchise model with you playing your part by giving clear and consistent support across the franchise network.



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