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Selling goods to consumers? New regulations out now

Did you know that there are new consumer regulations which directly affect your business? They change rights that your customers have and are in user friendly mode (so your customer can easily check on you!).

What new rights do your customers have?

The goods you are selling must be:

  • Be of satisfactory quality.
  • Be fit for a particular purpose
  • Be as described
  • Match a sample
  • Match a model seen,
  • Be installed correctly.

What else?

  • The goods must be delivered at latest within 30 days
  • If there is a problem in transit, it’s down to you.
  • New digital content rules might apply e.g. a washing machine could include digital content.
  • You must supply pre contact information
  • New regulations apply for installed goods.
  • A new tiered process must be followed if customer rejects faulty goods within a 30 day period.

What you need to do

Review your standard terms & make sure they are:

  • prominent, don’t bury them in the small print
  • include the new the consumer protections for goods
  • add any digital content


  • Review your processes for dealing with faulty goods/problems
  • Make sure staff are aware of new rules and procedures
  • Make sure the information provided to customers is accurate.

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