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Franchisees and Franchising

Working with New Franchisees

If you are thinking of buying a franchise you need to know what you are signing up to. You should be aware as to what might be missing from the franchise agreement and whether it properly reflects how the franchise will work on an everyday practical level. You also need to be absolutely sure what will happen if either the franchise comes to an end and/or if you want to renew the agreement.

My Franchise Expertise

I have worked with a variety of franchise businesses, large and small, including coffee shops, fast food outlets, retail outlets and numerous service industry businesses – from the complex to the not so complex.

I bring an individual, personalised approach and I know that clients appreciate my accessibility and guiding hand through what is a very important process.

Finding Wriggle Room For You

I can provide a fixed price written report on your franchise agreement together with a comprehensive discussion of any issues that need to be ironed out or understood before you take the franchise. I know franchisees find this useful and there is always something that comes out of the review and discussion and, although a franchisor is likely to be against making any amendment to the franchise agreement, the process invariably raises issues which result in some give from the franchisor.

Free, No Obligation Discussion

Talk to me, Jane Latham, without obligation or charge and I will explain how the franchise process works from start to finish and tell you about the fixed cost package I can provide.

Either call me on 01225 287516 or complete a Free Online Enquiry and I will be delighted to help you.

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