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Franchisors & Franchising

Working with Franchisors

I have worked with franchisor businesses large and small including coffee shops, fast food outlets, retail outlets and numerous service industry businesses – from the complex to the not so complex.

I bring an individual, personalised service focused on you and your business and I know that clients appreciate my accessibility and easy to talk to approach. Don’t underestimate this! Getting the legal paperwork in place for a franchise (of whatever size) is an intense process and client and solicitor need to be fully committed to the task.

A Bespoke Service for Your Business

Time spent ensuring that your business processes are clear for franchisees to follow and which are properly embedded in a legal framework, tailored to the size or complexity of your business (one size does not fit all!) will help ensure a well-documented professional and legally secure franchise – scaled to your business.

Much More Than Just A Franchise Agreement

Presentation and a full understanding of how it all works must be right too in other words, you, your staff and potential franchisees need to be able to find their way round the franchise agreement and everyone needs to understand what is expected of them. To help with this process I provide clients with a well-structured agreement and accompanying explanatory notes for you and your staff to work with.

How I Charge

If you get the franchise set up professionally and with clarity it will help you maximise your returns and promote growth of the franchise. I can bring experience, practical down to earth accessible support and lots of enthusiasm in the creation of your franchise – however large or small – all at a fixed cost so that you know where you are.

Let’s Talk About Your Franchise

Talk to me, Jane Latham, without obligation or charge and I will explain how the franchise process works from start to finish and tell you about the fixed cost package I can provide.

Either call me on 01225 287516 or complete a Free Online Enquiry and I will be delighted to help you.


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