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Why should prospective clients use me for business and company sales or purchases?


  • Over 20 years experience of business sales and purchases from modest corner shop to multi million £ transactions thus good knowledge base
  • 11 years as a sole practitioner working closely with clients
  • Loyal customer base
  • Specialise in dealing with SME’s
  • Able to deal with all types of businesses from small corner shops, to large manufacturers, service providers, on line/e commerce businesses,  franchises, garages, restaurants, pubs, cafes, nurseries et

Let prospective clients try before they buy

  • Free no obligation advice and input on heads of terms or confidentiality agreement
  • Initial telephone calls, e mails and meeting without charge or obligation


Emphasis on:

  • Explaining and keeping client fully informed
  • Ensuring the best result for my client by ensuring firmness but fairness when dealing with other parties to the transaction.  It is important to fight my client’s corner without unnecessarily causing friction or bad feeling between seller and buyer
  • Regular updates so that client is informed of every step and every communication along the way
  • Chasing and chasing when needed; very important.  It is too easy for solicitors to hide behind letters or e mails
  • Ensuring I am available during the course of a transaction
  • Tailored approach according to scale and complexity of the transaction e.g. sale of modest business should not involve lengthy documentation.


  • Taking responsibility for driving the process to meet timescales: not afraid to pick up the phone and chase
  • Setting ongoing timescales e.g. getting commitment from other party’s advisors as to when they will respond on documentation

Fair Value

  • Fair price for the work, not a policy of billing for every minute/hour
  • Capped price for hours estimated in excess of calculated time.

For free initial no obligation advice on selling or buying a business, call: 01225 287516 or e mail:





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